I am currently (2011) the Mayor of Canon City, Colorado. I am seeking your support and your vote this election year.

I was born and raised in a small Midwestern town called California, Missouri. I poured concrete foundations for awhile, then I scooted out of there and joined the United States Navy on my 17th birthday, but returned at 21.

I bought and sold cars for a couple of years, then returned to the concrete foundation business as a grunt laborer, until a Navy friend of mine named Paul Andrus called me and gave me the courage to take the Air Traffic Controller exam, which he knew was a dream of mine.

I went to work for the Federal Aviation Administration in 1989, moved to the Oakland, California where I lived for 12 years and met my ex-wife Nan Sullivan. Together we each have adult kids from previous marriages (Erica Koenig and Tiffany Greer), and together we have an 8-year-old daughter, Jillian Grace.

In 2000, Nan and I bought a vacation home in Canon City, Colorado. By mid-2001, we couldn’t take the Bay Area commute anymore, so we packed up and moved to Canon City permanently, where I got a real estate license.

I soon became interested in development and new construction sales, and I’ve been a fairly successful Realtor ever since.

In 2002, I joined RE/MAX and in 2003 was ranked #2 in Colorado for closed transaction sides.

In April 2004, I joined Keller Williams Realty, and in September of that same year I opened a Keller Williams Business Center in Canon City. I was appointed as Operating Partner of the Keller Williams (formerly Premier) Hope Realty offices in Colorado Springs and Canon City, where I continue to be in business with my agent/stakeholders on a day to day basis.


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