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Ad Hoc Endorsements

To the editor:

The Ad Hoc Committee has completed its review of the candidates for the upcoming election and has decided to endorse the following:

MAYOR: TONY GREER. Tony has done a great job as current Mayor and the kind of actions he took to bring Jack-in-the Box back to Cañon City is precisely the kind of steps that should be done in every case of any business wanting to locate here or expand their current facility. Challenger Benny Johnson was a good mayor but doesn’t have the same vision as Tony and probably wouldn’t be as effective.

DISTRICT TWO: KEVIN DITMORE. Kevin is running because, as a past business owner, he has done business with the city and recognizes the direction the city needs to move. Jon Stone has served for several years and believes that the regulations are there for a reason and, while some tweaking should be done, they shouldn’t change drastically. We believe Jon is part of the problem, not part of the solution. Betty “Gail” Palmgren doesn’t have the business experience of Kevin Ditmore and would be less likely to be a driving force for change.

DISTRICT FOUR: RON BATES. Ron’s heart is in the right place and has supported the efforts of the Ad Hoc Committee in making changes to the Site Plan and Parking Requirements. We think he should be re-elected. Jeff Mueller has a great intellect and would be a good problem solver, but we are bothered by the fact that his son-in-law is Adam Lancaster, City Engineer. Adam has been the focus of much criticism from developers for his heavy-handed approach and piling on with regulations. Would Jeff be an agent of change or an apologist for the status quo? It was not clear from the forums so we choose to support Ron.

AT LARGE: COLBY KATCHMAR and DENNIS WIED. Both are businessmen who are adamant about changing the environment to one which will attract business and make it easier for them to operate. Rob Brown is a good choice as well but is not as familiar with the issues as Colby and Dennis. Frank Jaquez was a councilman and mayor while the regulations were put in place and would likely defend them and the current atmosphere. Pat Freda and Darren Jones simply do not have the business experience or the knowledge of the issues and would unlikely be agents of change.

The Ad Hoc Committee was formed out of frustration with the current regulatory environment and an apparent indifference towards the needs of new and existing businesses from all levels of government. We are made up of 21 individuals representing Fremont Economic Development Corporation, Royal Gorge Association of Realtors, the Cañon City Chamber of Commerce, and the Fremont County Contractors Association. It is our goal to change this reality and we believe the endorsed candidates will give us the best opportunity for a new Cañon City.

Ad Hoc Committee


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I am the current Mayor of Canon City, Colorado. I am running for re-election in the 2011 election. I have been both praised and criticized for my pro-business, live and let live philosophy. View all posts by tonygreerformayor

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