Promoter Donnie Martinez Supports Greer

Posted: 09/13/2011 09:56:36 AM MDT

Supporting Greer

To the editor:

In response to the recent letters criticizing our Mayor Tony Greer, I would like to voice my support of his actions. Cañon City traditionally has had a reputation of being a difficult place to start and do business. This is what I have consistently heard from many people who have attempted to bring new ideas into this community. Mayor Greer consistently has worked to change that image through both his success as a business owner, where he directly creates employment opportunities and through his leadership as mayor.

We witnessed both sides of this during the process of removing a blighted property and bringing Jack in the Box to Cañon City. For the writers to call this specific business a “pet project” was very shortsighted. I am positive that his drive for this was not a special affinity for the Sourdough Jack with fries. This project represented Mr. Greer’s ability to work through a tangled process and bring together two opposing interest groups. This project was all but dead, with the Jack in the Box group prepared to develop in an area of less resistance when our mayor stepped in and revived the debate.

Mayor Greer showed true leadership in bringing all sides together and making this process a success, charting a new pro-business course of economic freedom. This process of bringing two fiercely opposed sides together represents the type of bipartisan leadership that most all Americans say we need. This process was not just about bringing in a burger joint and an “easy buck;” the unseen, unappreciated work our mayor did is opening up new, streamlined avenues for commerce that will attract other new businesses. Businesses that will create much-needed jobs and bring in tax revenue that may fund some “pet project” of your choice in better economic times, serving as a very real and enduring “claim to fame.”

In fact, as a small business owner in the area, I applaud the new attitude brought on by Tony Greer, the Chamber of Commerce and our current set of county commissioners. They have made doing business in this area a pleasure and have been open to the new ideas that a business such as ours brings. It has allowed us to thrive in a down economy, bring in tax dollars, share revenue with local nonprofits, and bring in many out of town people who use our hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues. I see this as a very welcome reversal of the anti-business reputation that our area had carried for so long.

Donnie Martinez

Cañon City


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I am the current Mayor of Canon City, Colorado. I am running for re-election in the 2011 election. I have been both praised and criticized for my pro-business, live and let live philosophy. View all posts by tonygreerformayor

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