Letter of Support from Bernard Kruel 9/14/11 Daily Record


Posted: 09/14/2011 09:39:21 AM MDT


Not so self-serving To the editor:

This letter is in response to the two letters “Self-Serving Attitudes.”

The person(s) responsible for these two letters obviously is working for the existing city government of Cañon City. It appears they are afraid of losing their “pat” positions with all of their “perks.”

Here is the truth about the existing government. The Colorado 2010 Census shows Fremont County has the lowest progress in the entire state of Colorado. Fremont County made the whopping progress of 1.5 percent. The average rate of progress for the rest of the state was 19 percent – a direct reflection on employment.

You may ask, “How could this be?” with the existing city government. Let’s see who is “self-serving. Apparently, the city manager has managed to get his salary high enough to be higher than the Governor of Colorado. The city apparently also thinks nepotism is ok since it must be ok to hire relatives. Sound like a “good old boy club?” How does this match up with a 1.5 percent rate of progress? Judge for yourself.

It is only necessary to go down any street to see all of the “Going Out of Business” or “For Sale” to see what great progress the city has made. Sure the persons named in the letters, Tony Greer, Ron Bates, and Colby Katchmar want downtown growth. They would like to see some progress in the city.

With signs like the above along with streets in disrepair, who would want to move here or start any kind of venture? Tourists won’t be back.

By the way, the dinosaur museum is a good idea. But first things first! In my opinion, a few small businesses would employ more people and make more income than the museum, representing more tax dollars for the city. The city should learn that you have to address the “basics” before they can take on “blue sky” projects.

The writer states that the people named above have aligned themselves with the Ad-Hoc committee, which is made up of contractors, real estate brokers and downtown merchants. So why not confront the Ad-Hoc group instead of hiding behind fake names?

I would like to see the writers debate their views with the people who are really responsible for any progress made in Cañon City, the town’s merchants.

Bernard Kreul,

Cañon City



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I am the current Mayor of Canon City, Colorado. I am running for re-election in the 2011 election. I have been both praised and criticized for my pro-business, live and let live philosophy. View all posts by tonygreerformayor

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